Weapon – Flash Online Shooting Games

Weapon is an awesome free online shooting game where you have to defend your downed Blackhawk helicopter. Set in first person view, your mission is to take out advancing enemy armies before they blow up the chopper. You start out only with a pistol and a few mags, but as you kill enemy soldiers, you can upgrade your weapons. You can buy new and more powerful guns like machine guns, rifles, pistols. You can also buy grenades, sniper support, and even call in air support.

The enemy soldiers will attack in waves, with each succeeding wave will come more and more enemy troops and firepower.

I suggest taking out the troops with missile launchers first as they can do more damage to the Blackhawk helicopter you are trying to defend. Then take out the foot soldiers with regular rifles. Watch out for the trucks with machine guns! They can pack a punch. Blow them up with a grenade!

After defending off a few waves of enemy attackers, you should be ready to upgrade your Weapon. I’d suggest saving up your credits and then buying the best machine gun and buy a few grenades. Also, if your Blackhawk helicopter you are trying to defend is taking on some damage, you can use your credits to make repairs to the chopper and thus prolong your game. Need some extra ground support? Hire a sniper and as long as he’s alive, will help you defend the Blackhack. Are you getting pinned down and need some real firepower? For 5000 credits, you can call in A-10 air support to blow them all to smithereens!

So if you like online Sniper Games, Defense Games, and Shooting games, you should definitely check out the game Weapon! You will be addicted!