Online Shooting Games

Online Shooting Games are considered to be a great source of action on one hand and a great stress reliever on the other. Many people conclude that individuals that play shooters can release their anger by shooting enemies or targets in the game. There is a large variety of action games available, shooting games online can be included in an listed as an adventure genre but we see it under its own class because of how popular they have become.

Consoles such as the Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox systems are all key contributors to the success and popularity of online shooting games. This type of niche is interactive and is an excellent source of fun and entertainment. Shooters are seen in different action and adventure type of genres. They might not necessarily contain a mission or a story. They may be considered to be equal to some action movies where the aim is to shoot the enemy or to rescue a hostage. Gamers may find a physical battle, flying, explosions and even vehicles all packed in the same game. These types of games involve puzzle solving skills as they focus on speed, hand and eye coordination along with fast reflexes. As you keep playing these types of games you will start to be quicker and adjust to the speed, eventually you will notice an improvement in your game play and start to advance on to harder levels.

This niche may also consist of space adventure games that may include shooting meteorites or other similar targets. These types of games became very popular in the mid 1980s, however these days first person shooters have taken over as one of the most popular type of online shooting games to date. With its intense graphics and realism of the game, along with the skill that is required to play these games, you will find that individuals easily become addicted.

A lot of benefits can be seen in playing games online, they are easily available on the internet and can played by anyone who has a computer and flash player installed on their browser.

Online Shooting Games – Top 5 Free Online Shooting Games Call of Duty Fans Should Play!

Are you a fan of Online Shooting Games? Bored of Facebook Games? Call of Duty is notoriously known for being one of the best online shooting games of all time. Call of Duty: Black Ops has recently taken over as being the number one selling video game of all time! You can play Call of Duty: Black Ops on the XBOX, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. I am personally a huge fan of the Call of Duty series and play it quite often. When I do not have access to the Xbox, I like to play flash and mini Online Shooting Games. There are several really cool stickman sniper games and defense online shooting games that will provide you with fun and excitement until you get home and can jump on XBOX Live and play Call of Duty: Black Ops!

Weapon: Weapon is by far, the most popular and most played Online Shooting Games and in the sub genre of defense shooting games. Your mission is to protect your Black Hawk helicopter that was shot down until reinforcements arrive. You start out only with a pistol. As enemy troops advance, you shoot and kill them for credits in which you can save up to buy more powerful and accurate rifles, machine guns, grenades, and even air support from an A-10! Hope you have a fast trigger finger and a sharp aim because troops will advance at you in waves. I suggest aiming for the heads and take out the troops with rocket launchers first as they will do the most damage. Weapon is one of the most addictive online games on the net!

Palisade Guardian 2: Palisade Guardian 2 is another very popular online shooting game and in the sub-genre of defense shooting games. Your mission here is simple. You are perched on top of a building overlooking the battlefield. Enemy troops will be advancing at the base in vast numbers. You must protect the base at all costs! With each enemy kill, you earn credits in which you can buy better rifles and machine guns. The enemy troops will advance at you with high numbers so break out your best aim!

Highway Pursuit: Highway Pursuit is a very cool and addicting online shooting game that is also in the sub-genre of defense shooting games. You and your partners in crime have just robbed a bank. You are riding behind the transport van in a truck and your job is to protect the transport van from cops on bikes, in cars and armored trucks, to helicopters and tanks! Highway Pursuit features cool explosions and lots of awesome guns to choose from. Highway Pursuit is very addictive and fun and will have you playing for hours!

Hot Shot Sniper: Hot Shot Sniper is very popular new online shooting game that is in the sub-genre of sniper games. You are a hot chick with a powerful sniper rifle and scope. You are given funny assignments to shoot down targets. The faster you snipe them and the greater accuracy you have, the more points you will score!

Modern Sniper – Modern Sniper is a very popular online shooting game in the sub-genre of stickman sniper games. Modern Sniper has been widely distributed and you should be able to find it at many online arcades. In this online sniper game, you are assigned missions to take out multiple targets which includes scaring away a bum, saving a bank from being robbed, and shutting down an illegal tree chopping business. Some missions you must make the kills look like accidents while some missions you can snipe them. Modern Sniper is a classic stickman sniper game.

Of course there are countless other online games that you can play if you’re bored and don not have access to your XBOX and Call of Duty: Black Ops, but these 5 I recommend you play. Have fun playing these free online shooting games!

Benefits of Online Shooting Games

Don’t laugh, but a variety of studies have indicated that there are numerous benefits associated with online shooting games. The overwhelming majority of people who don’t understand this particular genre of game immediately assume that these types of games contribute to violence in society. Furthermore, it is assumed that somehow these games influence people to behave poorly and to potentially even commit violent acts in real life. The simple fact of the matter is that millions of people have played these type of games with multiplayer shooting games being a big hit. Millions of people also go to church and do a lot of other things than most would assume are positive and wholesome. Ironically, many studies have indicated that people with an increased propensity for going to church five days a week are more prone to violent outbursts than people who blow off a little bit of steam and have some fun playing a shooting game.

Amongst the many benefits associated with games in this niche is the fact that you learn a variety of critical thinking skills. This is something that a lot of people don’t understand at first. But imagine yourself playing a sniper game, for example. It’s not just a matter of shooting as many bullets as possible in random directions hoping that you will hit a target. Instead, that particular type of game that requires you to utilize a lot of strategic thinking. This means that you will spend time performing some basic calculations to help you determine whether or not a shot is capable of hitting the target that you intend to hit.

Even when you play a multiplayer shooting game that is fast-paced, you are essentially improving your hand eye coordination. This is something a lot of studies have repeatedly shown to be the case. So what you really need to do is start playing shooting games yourself. You need to see with your own eyes what all the fun and excitement is about. Best of all, you’ll be doing yourself some good in the process, too!