Shooting Games – Eye the Target

These games have become a favorite of every age group- from a six year old to sexagenarian. There are a number of such games available on the net, one can browse the search engine and choose from them. Generally, these games use software like Flash and Java to make the games more attractive and the same time interactive too. Play Station is a hugely popular among the game lovers., especially the kids, Most of the children in their teens demand a play station as a birthday present. With advancement in gaming Technology the excellent graphics and animation, these games appear to be give the player a sense of thrill and excitement.

Online shooting games enables the player to enjoy these games in comfort of their homes or even in spare time while at work. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and then you are all set to go on a crazy ride of thrills and chills of these games.

Shooting games either require you complete one particular mission or, just allows you to kill enemies without any particular motive. You need to go step by step and clear the stages. There are games based on space, where you have to shoot meteorites and other heavenly bodies. There are numerous online gaming portals which provide a variety of and that too free of cost. Initially, these websites provide free games ti the users. Once they are addicted to it, they actually pay up for their favorite games. Thus, game fanatics do not mind shelling a few bucks for their dose of entertainment. Internet has completely changed the definition of entertainment. There is no need to buy expensive game consoles or waste time in searching for best games. It has completely change the face of gaming. Now there is no need of physically going to the market in search of good games. Moreover, gamers can also interact on these portals with other game lovers across the globe.

As these games have become renowned worldwide, Due to the success of these online gaming sites, service providers are adding more of them on a daily basis. The increasing in the gaming market has forced the game developers and the designers to be at their creative best in order to attract maximum users.

Shooting Games

As the name indicates, shooting games is all about shooting using guns and the entire destruction too. Don’t worry; there is no need of knowing how to use a gun. Just like all the online games, it is played with the help of mouse, keyboard etc. Sometimes, we are making use of joysticks. Normally they are based on different subjects and themes. Most of them are developed just to entertain the players and to provide them tons of fun. As the technology developed, a large number of experiments are going on in the creation of new shooting games. Many game developers are now focusing on the development because of the wide acceptance of these types of games among the children.

To play an online shooting game, the only things we need is just a net connection and a flash player which is to be installed in our browser. Then the world of fun will be opened before us. We can have fun and excitement by killing enemies using weapons like guns. Each of them consists of different levels. At first, the level will be easy, but when we reach higher level, the game will become really difficult and more interesting and adventurous too. Among the killing games, Zombie games is the most popular. The reason behind these is that, it provides a variety of challenging games. One of the interesting fact is that, is said that killing games will improves our memory.

Among the wide variety of online games like shooting, adventure, racing, card games etc the shooting games are the most popular. It always includes chasing of our enemies are focusing and thus shooting them. A large number of gaming portals provides different types of shooting games to nourish our shooting instinct. Gun games can be played both in online as well as offline mode. And playing shooting in both case, provides us tones of recreation and fun to the core. Nowadays, various sites are there that offer us to play shooting games for free including Tank 2010, Defend or die, Ball Barrage, Over the river, Pixel Blast, Medieval Rampage, Space Killer, Quake Flash, Retro Shoot, Star Defender 4, Mechanical Commando, Cloud to Ground Lightning, Mushroom Cannon 2, Microbes, Red Storm etc. From these wide varieties of killing games, we can choose according to our interest.

Weapon – Flash Online Shooting Games

Weapon is an awesome free online shooting game where you have to defend your downed Blackhawk helicopter. Set in first person view, your mission is to take out advancing enemy armies before they blow up the chopper. You start out only with a pistol and a few mags, but as you kill enemy soldiers, you can upgrade your weapons. You can buy new and more powerful guns like machine guns, rifles, pistols. You can also buy grenades, sniper support, and even call in air support.

The enemy soldiers will attack in waves, with each succeeding wave will come more and more enemy troops and firepower.

I suggest taking out the troops with missile launchers first as they can do more damage to the Blackhawk helicopter you are trying to defend. Then take out the foot soldiers with regular rifles. Watch out for the trucks with machine guns! They can pack a punch. Blow them up with a grenade!

After defending off a few waves of enemy attackers, you should be ready to upgrade your Weapon. I’d suggest saving up your credits and then buying the best machine gun and buy a few grenades. Also, if your Blackhawk helicopter you are trying to defend is taking on some damage, you can use your credits to make repairs to the chopper and thus prolong your game. Need some extra ground support? Hire a sniper and as long as he’s alive, will help you defend the Blackhack. Are you getting pinned down and need some real firepower? For 5000 credits, you can call in A-10 air support to blow them all to smithereens!

So if you like online Sniper Games, Defense Games, and Shooting games, you should definitely check out the game Weapon! You will be addicted!